Professional services to register your brand name

Terms Of Service

Assistance service conditions for trademark registration:

Tu Marca, a Protegemos tus Ideas S.C.division, offers and accepts to carry out the necessary procedures before the competent authorities, for processing and presentation of your trademark registration´s request. This request will be processed in accordance to the information and documentation you provide us, which must comply with Mexican legal requirements in force.

Tu Marca is compelled to manage information and material provided by all and each of its clients in a private manner. Furthermore, whenever payments are made by credit card, we commit ourselves to handle all your credit card data in a secure way.

The IMPI: Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (Mexican Institute of Industrial Property) is the only legal entity enabled to issue trademark registrations. Thus, the IMPI will be the one to determine whether or not registrations can be accepted.

All registration requests will be analized according to prior and similar registration requests kept in IMPI files. Once the search is performed and the results have been analized, you will be informed, and in case of being approved, you will be sent instructions of what further documentation and information you need to submit for your registration process to proceed.

The search is based on the IMPI files data collection, which the institution is compelled to update in a regular manner Tu Marca is neither responsible for the information gathered by the IMPI, nor for its updates.

Careful examination of the results of the preliminary search and proper delivery of required information and documentation will considerably increase your chances of being granted a trademark registration by the IMPI. Nevertheless, as has been mentionned previously, the IMPI is the only institution empowered to grant trademark registrations. No refunds whatsoever will be made neither by the IMPI nor by Tu Marca, notwithstanding the results of your preliminary search.

In some cases, the IMPI sends out official actions requesting further clarification of some aspects of the request.  In such cases, it is necessary to redirect the request together with the necessary explanations, in order for the process to continue. This document replacement has a fixed cost. Our complete new price list can be consulted  at:

Tu MarcaProtegemos tus Ideas, S.C. and other divisions and subsidiaries are committed to keep all information, data and communications sent by our clients in utmost secrecy.

Besides the search and the registration request services described in our web page and summarized in previous paragraphs, Protegemos tus Ideas, S.C. also offers you legal consultancy and other services, in the event that the IMPI should make an objection to your registration. These services, include consultancy for trademark use, exploitation, conservation and protection. These services have specific costs that can be discussed whenever required.